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Deer Hunts

Do tree stands, food plots and a chance at a whitetail trip your trigger? You no longer have to travel far and wide for quality deer hunting. Vermont Outdoor Connections offers some of the best managed deer hunting within northern New England. Utilizing over 30 acres of food plots on assorted properties, our guides are able to plant food plots for complete deer management as well as for pure attraction! Our tree stands and blinds can be found along many of these food plots, putting you in the action. If a deer hunting trip reminiscent of a Midwest setting is what you are looking for, Vermont Outdoor Connections has what you are looking for.

Our service currently offers hunts during all three seasons: archery, rifle and muzzleloader. Our archery and muzzleloader seasons often produce success rates over 80% (With a doe permit) Our rifle season is slightly less averaging 50-55% success. While our properties offer and yield large bucks every season, Vermont Outdoor Connections prides itself on quantity! Our hunts are not only perfect for the serious whitetail enthusiast, but the novice deer hunter will find comfort in seeing deer first hand. Many of our tree stands are two person, perfect for the husband and wife or father and son/daughter team.

We have a saying at Vermont Outdoor Connections: “We are not Texas nor are we the barren grounds of Canada.” We are comfortably in the middle. Come experience for yourself managed Vermont whitetail hunting close to home.



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